Sunday, June 28, 2009

House Mouse Challenge

It's still Sunday in Phoenix so hopefully I've got this done in time!

Life's a beach thank you card

This card has been in my head for a few days now, so had to work on it today. I can't say that happens many time - having an idea for something before I start. And it was way out of my comfort zone - alot of design studio and layers. Used Life's a beach and George cartridges, cuttlebug, brayering and inking. The sun kind of photographed funny - it has irridescent embossing powder on it and it picked up as a blob of yellow in the photo.

Saturday, June 27, 2009

Survived violin recital!

Ok, now maybe I can get back to crafting. But in all honesty it was rather fun, and it was funny to be the only "senior citizen" playing with a bunch of kids under the age of 15. The adults in the audience were rather impressed and amazed I would actually play in a recital! Isn't it funny that we'll send our kids out to do this type of stuff but we hate it? I've read that most adults would rather DIE than have to do public speaking (I considered my fears regarding this recital alot like my original fears about public speaking). I'm here to tell you if you prepare and train you can do it and broaden your comfort zone! :)

Friday, June 19, 2009

Score some blog candy at Going Buggy

Look at what Envys is giving away at her blog! I wouldn't mind winning this one. But more important, she is sooooooo talented; make sure you go through her blog and look at all her wonderful creations.

Tuesday, June 16, 2009

House Mouse and Friends Challenge # 42 - Neopolitan

Chocolate, vanilla and strawberry - that's the challenge this week! I found this darling saying in the clearance bin at Michael's today and knew right away what I wanted to do with it. I work in IT (information technology), a field that's filled with men. I'm a Project Manager and one of the few gals who are working on a heavy duty project. I decided to make myself and 3 other gals this cute little cubicle picture to remind them they are as good as the guys and most likely even better. I didn't have the exact colors, but I think they are close enough to be considered neopolitan (I hope). This is also my most favorite stamp, I've used it many times. Do you like how I made them all the same except for the color of their purses?

Sunday, June 14, 2009

First violin recital

I have my first recital ever after taking violin lessons for 2.5 years (I never even played in a recital when I played for 9 years during school!). I am really nervous and don't want to do it, but I have to get more comfortable playing. I'm playing the first movement of Vivaldi's Violin Concerto in A Minor. It's one I like and very recognizable, so hopefully things go ok. It's in two weeks and I need to practice instead of crafting!! This is one a few invites I made (yes, I'm actually going to invite people, lol). Unfortunately, the violin didn't come out well in the picture, but it's stamped and colored just like a violin. Font is done with Cricut Cursive 101.

Blog awards

I'm always surprised when I open my email and see that people actually leave comments on my blogs. Over the past couple of days I've even been more surprised to see some blog awards. Thanks so much to Kris and Jo for sending me these awards. I'll be linking their websites to the awards when I get them posted over to the side. Thank you!

These awards ask you to leave 7 or 10 honest things about yourself and then to pass them on to 7 other bloggers if you can.
1) I was horribly shy until I was about 27 years old and then made a concerted effort to come out of my shell.

2) I started violin lessons again 2.5 years ago after not playing for 27 years.

3) I taught myself piano when I was 12 but really need lessons.

4) I am married almost 24 years and have an adorable almost 16 year old son.

5) I only have one child because I wasn't put on this earth to have children - I couldn't get pregnant, had a terrible, painful pregnancy and then couldn't give birth - had to have an emergency c-section after the doctors told me during my pregnancy that I shouldn't have a c-section due to grapefruit sized fibroids. Luckily it all worked out, but one was enough for me and I was given an angel.

6) I have lived in AZ for 15 years after growing up on Long Island, NY.

7) I am the oldest of 3 children.

8) I work full time in the insurance industry - I am in Information technology and really don't like it! If I could magically change careers I would be in meteorology - particularly researching tornadoes and severe thunderstorms.
9) My husband is a 7th grade earth science teacher. He is doing what he loves and how he loves it, I don't know.

10) I wish I could win powerball just to give 85% of it away to those in need and/or to keep our educational systems where they need to be.
I'll come back and update to pass these forward :)

Saturday, June 13, 2009

House Mouse and Friends Monday challenge

When I don't have mojo, I always reach for my house mouse stamps and I can at least seem to churn something out. The challenge this week is red, white and blue. Ice pops just seem to remind me of summer growing up and I have 2 siblings so this stamp seems to fit the bill. The words are from a 4th of July set from the $1 bin at Michaels. Don't you love those $1 stamps? I'm always checking those bins. The paper is from last summer's DCWV summer stack. The shinying stuff on the popsicle is some glossy accents. I tried to give it the illusion of melting.
since they are leaving a little puddle as they munch.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

A few pictures from Hawaii

Just a few of the many, many pictures we took in Hawaii. We stayed on the big Island, north of Kona. What a beautiful place.

Brayer Card

This is one I did a while ago and submitted for publication - but alas, it did not get selected. I love it anyway and it's hanging in my office cubicle - I looked at it every day before I went to Hawaii to start chilling!
The theme for the publication was blue and orange - how perfect for a sunset over water. The word aloha was cut using the cricut and the Opposites Attract cartridge.

Tuesday, June 9, 2009

I'm back with an announcement!

My trip to Hawaii was wonderful. Pictures coming soon. But most excitingly, just before I left, Michelle Zindorf and I finalized plans for her to come to my house in Phoenix so she can teach her brayering workshops! I'm so excited. If you are interested, go to her website. But I can tell you within the first day of her announcement, we filled half the spaces already. I can't wait to meet all the wonderful ladies who are here in Phoenix who will be coming for this exciting endeavor!