Saturday, July 11, 2009

Finally able to craft!

This is why my blog is called the frustrated crafter - because either I have no ideas, no time or when I have time, I get sick. Frustrated I don't craft enough. Well, I don't get sick that often, but I was knocked off my feet this week by one heck of a sinus infection. Today's the first day out of bed and I'm taking the opportunity to stay off my feet and get some cards done. This one is for my sister's birthday. My sister is younger than me and I love when she catches up on the milestones. She also just graduated from cosmetology school so definitely wanted to pun up her 45th birthday with the gray hair thing. I thought this stamp was perfect!


rcz28 said...

I love this Patti,
it's adorable

Emily said...

This is way toooooo cute!!!! I love how you crafted the numbers on to the card...super clever!!!