Thursday, August 6, 2009

"Flower Pot" style Santa

Everyone has been doing flower pot cards, including me. I saw a variation with a cupcake which I loved and it got me to think, what can I do? So being on a Christmas roll, I decided to do Santa. However, everything that could have gone wrong went wrong and this card, which is actually quite simple, took me 2 hours to make! Then I forgot to save the cut file! So I guess this will be a one of a kind unless I decide not to make the beard shaggy (that's what took all the time - I welded on at leat 30 or so little moons with the tips sticking out from the beard).

Santa is from doodlecharms, and there's some george cuts in there too.
Cuttlebugged the beard and hat.

Hope you enjoy the fruit (or in the case the santa) of all my labor tonight!


Totally Purple said...

Your card is great. If you happen to try to create again I would love the cut file.

CelticWoman said...

Patti, that is darling. Sandi

Kris L said...

Patti - he is sooooooo cute! Love your idea. ...Kris

jers52 said...

This is wonderful! If you create it again I would love the cut file and even would locate and purchase George to do it!

PenLight said...

This is really fun! I love taking an idea and changing it up. That was a lot of work!

A really great idea!!!

TropicLuv said...

A real labor of LOVE for Santa! Great job - sorry you didn't save the cut file after all that work! He is adorable!

Denise said...

This is neat! Do you mail them? If so, what size do you cut them? TIA


Anonymous said...

Oh this card is absolutely darling - toooooo bad cut file was not saved - and details on where to start a card like this ??? not sure I would have the patience for all the moons but maybe on a boring day (when??) AGAIN - you did a great job.