Friday, March 26, 2010

Re-inker Float

I learned a new technique tonight. I don't know who is so clever to come up with this stuff. First I heat embossed the stamped images with white embossing powder. Then you spray your paper with water to make puddles. Then use an aqua painter dipped in a drop of re-inker ink and when you dip the tip in the water, the ink spreads around. Just keep doing that til your done (basically til you like it) and let the paper dry. Fun and messy.

I'm so happy to have made something - I've had pneumonia (!!) for two weeks and this week, although I went back to work (third week), I'm still quite exhausted. It's hard to believe that someone my age (who is less than 50) can be hit so hard out of the blue! Anyway, I finished my antibiotics today and hopefully my visit to the Doc on Monday will go well.

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