Sunday, September 12, 2010

Weight Loss

Wow I've been gone for a while! Life's gotten in the "weigh" of my crafting, lol. I've been on Weight watchers since April and since then I have taken up biking in earnest. I've been steadily increasing my mileage and speed. Just last Sunday I took my first 20 mile trip and then did the same today, but 3.5 minutes faster. During the week, I get in 14 mile trips about 2-3 times. All that biking, along with work and my violin obligations (orchestra and lessons) and then helping the 16 year old with homework, isn't leaving me any time for crafting! But in the meantime, here's some pics of my progress on the best project - me since April!

First pic is in April, with my almost 17 year old baby. It's bad enough I am at my highest weight, but what's with the hair and makeup? Looks like makeup must have melted off by the time the pic was taken. Was probably a hot day as usual!

This next picture is last week - me 23 lbs lighter and actually in slim cut jeans! I never ever can wear slim cut, usually need curvy. Cycling works!! 11 pounds to goal, but want to lose another 10 after that for some buffer. And before anyone says that's too much, when I get to that additional 21, I'll still be 15 pounds higher than before my son was born!

Me and my hubby out last night celebrating our 25th wedding anniversary. Yes, we got married when we were 12. Seriously, not only is it our 25th wedding anniversay, but we've been together 30.5 years! How is it possible all that time has gone by? Here's our wedding pic from 1985.

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Helen said...

Congratulations on your weight loss! You look great!