Saturday, May 23, 2009

Something new (finally)!

3 day weekends. Aren't they just great? Not only do we get to celebrate something great like giving honor to our folks in the Armed Services, but it's finally time to sleep really late and have the time to do some crafts.

Got the computer back yesterday; thankfully our local Data Doctors got it working again and improved it's performance.

This card is a copy of a beautiful card by Donna Mundinger. She was gracious enough to share her cricut cut file. The entry with info regarding this card is here: Donna's creations are beautiful because she pop-dots everything for a 3d look. I've been wanting to scraplift her items for a long time and having the cut file finally made me do it.

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Kris L said...

Great job on the watering can. Glad your computer is all fixed up...Kris