Sunday, October 25, 2009

Silly project for Son

At school they don't celebrate Halloween, per se, but celebrate "spirit week"... (meaning school spirit). Tomorrow is celebrity day and we couldn't figure out what do to....then I had a brainstorm. My second cousin is Nicolas Cage (yes it's true, my father and Francis Coppola are first cousins, Nic Cage is the son of Francis' brother August, my father's other cousin (and to drop another name, their sister is Talia Shire). To simplify, my great grandfather and Nicolas Cage's great grandfather is the same person. My grandfather and his grandmother are brother and sisteer.
I had no iron on transfer stuff, so I just printed out a picture from the internet on cardstock and sewed it to a t-shirt, lol. And since no one ever believes my poor son that he is related, I put his family tree on the back.
PS: no, unfortunately I haven't met him, but my sister met him once at a wedding!


Teresa K. said...

How exciting for Nicholas Cage to be related to such a talented card maker! He's a very lucky man.

jeannine said...

you know i had to leave a comment here! i always thought that was so cool when we were in high school. but i have to agree with teresa k. he's very lucky to be related to you! great idea on the shirt by the way!