Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Another "old" HM card

Oops, missed this one when I posted the rest! Same story, different stamp. I did a reverse image of the second mousy from the first one, scanned it in and took out the heart so it looks like he is receiving the heart from the first one.

This has been an interesting week to say the least. My DH is a teacher and this is the first time in his 7 years of teaching that he made it through the school year without getting sick, or so we thought! He woke up with a fever on Monday and very nauseous. Actually was going to go to school and I said in my best old NY accent - fuggetaboutit! So he stayed home. Woke up on Tuesday, still the same, altho not horribly ill, but I told him to go to Doctor - unusual for him to have a fever and it just so happened he passed a kidney stone (luckily no pain!) on Monday AM so we figured it was either a UTI, prostate or kidney infection since he's had them before with kidney stones. I call him up a lunch time and he's feeling terrible. Asks me to come home to take him to Doctor because he feels horrible and he's vomiting, and can't even get up to go. I get home and he's got over 103 fever! Yikes. Give him ibuprofen and ice him down so I can get him to the doctor. Well, turns out he has bacterial pneumonia!! How he got that, who knows, but good thing he went to doctor when he did because he progressively got worse during the rest of the day. He's on antibiotics now, and barely feeling better. Hopefully tomorrow's a better day. But, geez, next year, maybe he should get sick a little during the school year! Here's hoping me and DS don't get it, we have another 3-4 days before the incubation period is done!


Debbie said...

this is adorable... gotta love those house mouse stamps...

Crayola58 said...

Darline HM card.
So so sorry about DH...Hope he gets back to snuff right away.

Crayola58 said...

Ooops... Darling, not darline

Monica Anderberg said...

So pretty! So wellbalanced and lovely colorcombo! It is so fun to visit your blog and see all the wonderful things you are making.

Hugs Monica