Sunday, April 12, 2009

Learning new things - For instance, May 1-3 is National Scrapbooking Weekend

First of all, Happy Easter to all my online friends. I hope you had a wonderful day. After an unprecidented cold and rainy day here in Phoenix yesterday, it's sunny and perfect today - and about 75 degrees. We did our annual brunch with my husband's family. We all descend upon on of the nearby Scottsdale resorts and basically stuff ourself with more food than should be allowed in one day. We did notice, however, that there were far fewer people than usual and the lines for food were non-existant. Is the recession finally reaching Scottsdale? It sure looks like it.

I've been making cards since last August, and have had my Cricut expression for almost one year and in that time learn something new every day. Now I have learned that there is a National Scrapbooking weekend. All my LSS's are sending me ads for events at their stores, and I also see things being planned on-line. One of my favorite challenge sites, The Cuttelbug Challenge blogspot is having a "Spa Weekend" online!

Here is their invitation, below...they are going to have prizes, guest designers, etc. And if you don't have a cuttlebug (and you NEED a Cuttlebug), there will be prize drawings for C/Bs!

I think this kind of stuff is fun and you don't have go anywhere. I have to mark my calendar and take a look at what they are doing.
Other than check, keep your local LSS in business too and see what they will be doing that weekend...I know I will be going to the 3 local stores I have.
Again, have a great rest of your Easter!!

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